Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'll be there for you...if you're from Europe

I was standing in line at the cafe in Barnes & Noble this afternoon. A older man from Europe - though I couldn't tell you where exactly - was waiting for his food and drinks he had ordered himself and two women he was with. His change consisted of two dollars and some odd cents. As his drinks were being prepared, he began scoping out the chocolate bars, deciding that he wanted the mint flavor. He asked the woman if his remaining money was enough to purchase said chocolate bar. The bar was $2.95 plus tax, meaning he did not have the correct amount. Being European and a mere visitor to the states, he had to be told twice that he didn't have enough money to make the purchase. The man put the bar back with ease, though I could feel his disappointment.

Being as how I hold compassion for European people, I had to step in. I pulled a dollar out from my wallet and handed it to him, stating that the chocolate bar was far too delicious for him not to purchase it. He thanked me kindly and accepted the money. It was a simple gesture, but I can only hope that he remembers that moment.

Americans are looked at in a negative light by Europeans, and many times I don't blame them for their opinions seeing as how I agree with them. But now the man can go back to his homeland with a positive memory of a fellow citizens generosity. I didn't give him the money so I could brag about it. I did it because he was from Europe, looked sweet, and would be using the money to buy chocolate. Tell me, who wouldn't give him the dollar if they had it?

Have you ever finished paying off a person's tab or helped them buy something they wouldn't have been able to buy otherwise?

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