Monday, March 29, 2010

It's a Food Revolution!

I have been inspired by a British man! Who could have guessed such a ridiculous thing!? But I am being completely honest here. Jamie Oliver is quickly proving to be an inspiring voice in the fight against an unhealthy America. He is an advocate for eating right and living well. You can NOT fault a person for wanting them to see a healthier world.

I have watched the first two episodes on the web, and I have to tell you that I am so excited to do my part for the good of not only myself but others as well. The first step, of course, will be my own weight loss. I spent a short time at the grocery store this afternoon and purchased some goodies. I purchased nothing from the inside aisles, which of course are the places to avoid when shopping. My cart consisted of fruits, vegetables, and an abundance of organic products.

I have done well this year with avoiding soda, so that is no longer an issue. My next liquid to tackle is the coffee-based products. There is nothing wrong with coffee, mind you, but added flavors, sugars and cremes are dangerous to your health. I will do my best (because I don't make many promises in life) to cut my "foo foo" coffee adventures to once a week, and then once a month. I am a huge fan of these drinks, so I think once a month will end up being a reasonable goal. Who knows? Perhaps I will one day hate them all, but knowing myself I highly doubt that.

Exercise will be another adventure entirely. North Dakota is warming up, and with that comes the excitement of the morning walk. I am not a big fan of running in public (or running at all), so I hope I can find a way to work with that. I will try to include some yoga into the mix, but nothing too extreme that will make me hate myself the next morning. The exercise bit will be hard for me to get into, but with the help of a healthy diet, I should be able to get into the "swing of things" as they say.

Sleep is the final piece to this puzzle, at least I think so. I am in dire need of a good night's sleep...every night. I wake up tired, drag through the day, stay up much too late, and go to bed tired. Five hours is my average for sleep. This is not okay!!! Six to eight hours is what a person should be getting each night, though many sources say six isn't even enough. I need to work on this.

I am not blaming anyone but myself here. Yes, I had an unfortunate upbringing where an after school snack was a candy bar instead of an apple, and dinner was McDonalds instead of something with real food ingredients. And yes, exercise and activity was never enforced in my home. These are sad facts of life, but they are past, not present. I need to learn to live a healthy life. I will not even try to have a child until my weight and health is under control and in a healthy area. I am not saying I am thinking of having children now, because I'm not, but if I don't fix this now then I will never be ready for a family of my own.

I need to do this. I am going to do this. Don't ask me to do otherwise.


Have you been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC? If so, what do you think of it so far?

What is your biggest challenge in staying healthy?

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