Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too many books, not enough coffee

Today was a two cups of coffee kind of day, especially since ninety percent of the first coffee didn't exactly make it beyond my cubicle at work. The lid decided to come off as I was setting my things down. Coffee spilt on the desk, down my filing cabinet (and even some into it), on the floor, on my jeans, and on my coat. I think there was even a little in the garbage, but that was the area I didn't concern myself with. It took a good fifteen minutes to clean it all up, and then I was finally able to clock in.

I had my first meeting for the England trip today, of which I can only express great excitement. The group looks like a fun bunch and I'm looking forward to getting to know them all better. Today marks 100 days until we depart for London.

At the meeting, the professors mentioned author Bill Bryson's books and how they should be checked out. It so happened that five of his books were on a "But 2 Get The 3rd Free" shelf at Barnes and Noble this evening, so I naturally now have three in my possession. Notes From a Small Island was the recommended read before the trip.

Speaking of books and possession, I was looking at my shelf today and realized that I have purchased roughly twenty books since the beginning of the year. Can we say obsessed? Sometimes I think a banning from Barnes & Noble is only appropriate, but I have little ambition to search for other forms of oxygen. I know I have a bit an issue with it, but I feel it's a much better issue than the other demons that haunt people. I prefer to let the books keep piling up.

(Leap Year spoiler alert) In other news, Matthew Goode has proven to me that he can play the same character in two movies. If you have been to see Leap Year and have also seen Chasing Liberty, you would know what I'm talking about. The story of a European man helping an American woman (named Anna in both movies, mind you) get to a final destination. Along the way, the duo is taken in by strangers for the night and pretend to be married. At some point they are told that they need to kiss. Eventually Anna ends up returning to the states, but shows up in Europe in the end to admit her love towards Matthew Goode. These events took place in both films, mind you, and I couldn't help but find it comical. It's good to know that Mr. Goode didn't need to prepare too much for Leap Year, considering he had pretty much made the same movie some years prior. Despite these facts, he will always steal my heart.

I think I will depart for the evening. I have an essay to work on that needs my attention. There is word of a snow storm coming tonight that will go until Monday. I will be one sad individual if classes get canceled again. I never thought I would say such a thing, but I'm saying it now. There's too much excitement on a Monday to allow snow days in the mix.


What is your shopping weakness?


  1. To answer your question: Books. I hate spending money, but books are something I rarely think twice on. :-X

    I saw the movie "Leap Year" and made that exact same connection. Interesting, isn't it? You would think he'd want a variety to his movie portfolio. Apparently not.

  2. Just like you--books are my addiction. Every day is a new a new day to read. I have stacks of books in process, and others that are dear friends on shelves waiting to be read again.