Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almond milk belongs on the gay train

Today began with a delicious breakfast. I prepared scrambled eggs with tofu and mushrooms, along with a piece of toast with blackberry jam (sugar free). It was an interesting combination in regards to the eggs, but I enjoyed it.

After breakfast, I recalled my roommate telling me that I had mail from yesterday in the mailbox still, so naturally I went to check it out. I opened my mail from the college and saw that I made the Dean's List from last semester. I was surprised and excited. I never thought about it before, making the list, but I was in love. I have never done well enough (due to lack of trying) to receive grades that would put me in such a place. It was quite the motivation for a good day.

I then departed for school, where we began discussing Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The language is hard to get used to at first, but I think I will enjoy the tales more than my two previous stories, Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

I enjoyed a lovely lunch with friend Sam at the Drunken Noodle after class. I had yakisoba with chicken, red and green peppers, carrots, egg, and onions. If you live in town and have not yet been to the Drunken Noodle, I high recommend it. If you don't live in town, I'm sorry to hear that.

I made two trips to Barnes & Noble after class, once with Brian and once with Amanda. I read from the book Three Genres for my Creative Writing class. One of the chapters mentioned Catcher in the Rye briefly, and being the Salinger fan that I am, I appreciated it. I had a nice laugh thinking about the overuse of the word "phonies" in that book.

(Story time!) I had an awkward situation with a man tonight, also while at Barnes & Noble. Amanda and I were discussing a story idea I have for Creative Writing class that will involve a train. The man, who is a stranger to me, decided to jump in on the conversation. I love random conversation, so I began talking with him. I explained that I came up with an idea for a creative writing class that I wanted to work with involving being on a train. He said it was a good idea, paused, and then carried it up with saying I should write about a gay train. Naturally I was confused, so then he carried on to say something about a caboose. Putting the information together, I decided it was a good idea to not continue the conversation. I thanked him for his idea and said that wasn't really where I wanted to go with the story. Amanda and I departed a couple minutes later.

(Story time...again) In other sister is completely ridiculous. A couple weeks ago, she tried almond milk at my apartment and loved it. Great. A week later, she called to ask me how to locate it in the grocery store. The conversation went something like this:

Julia: "I don't know where to find it."
Me: "It should be in the health section in the refrigerator."
Julia: (after looking) "I'm there, but I don't see any."
Me: "They might not carry it at that store."
Julia: "Well there was some on the shelf in the health section, but not in the fridge."
Me: "I'm sure that will work just fine."
Julia: "But it's not cold."
Me: "I understand that, but if it says almond milk, I'm sure it's almond milk."

This carried on for a while before she just decided not to risk it. Great. Today comes around and she calls me again about it. She wanted me to drive to the grocery store and show her where the drink was, and of course I said no because I had Barnes & Noble plans and I wasn't going to drive thirty blocks to point something out when she could ask somebody. We get off the phone and I think all is well, but I need to realize who I'm dealing with here. So here we go on the second call of the day:
Julia: "Okay, so I'm at the store again. What does the almond milk look like?"
Me: sigh. "It says Almond Breeze, and it should be in a carton."
Julia: "Like a square?"
Me: pause. "Yes, a square."
Julia: "I think I found it, but they have it on the shelf."
Me: "It will be okay, just put it in the fridge."
She says okay and hangs up.

So I'm at my mom's house, telling her about the story. My mom thinks it's just so hilarious, which in a way it was. About two minutes after I leave, my sister calls me again to ask where the almond milk was. My mom had called her to give her hell, of course, and she wanted to have a final laugh about it. She informed me that she found the Almond Breeze and managed to get it in the fridge.
Conclusion: I'm not going to introduce her to delicious food/drink ever again.

I think I can end this blog for the evening, now that the stories are out of the way. Speaking of, I finished my second short story for Creative Writing before posting this blog, so hopefully that goes over well. I just hope I don't have a dream about eating raspberries on a gay train tonight.


Have you ever had an awkward encounter with a stranger?

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  1. remember that day we were at bbn and that random girl sat down and had lunch next to us and talked to us the whole time...